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Five helpful tips for creating memorable signs

Jun 16 , 2017

The purpose of outdoor signage is to let people know who and where you are. The main benefit of having effective signage is that it creates consistent branding. Every time someone drives by your business and sees your sign, you get remembered just a little more.

How many people drive or walk by your business every day? Do they notice you? Do they know who you are? To help make your business stand out, follow these five tips for creating memorable signs:

1. Colour – By using colour in your sign, you invite people to look at it. Colour also makes a sign more visible from a distance. The use of colour may cost more, but in the end, it will be worth it for the awareness boost.

2. Slogan or tagline – Never underestimate the value of a memorable, relevant and motivating tagline! Outdoor signage is a perfect medium on which to use it. People can read and remember in a few words what your company is about.

3. Graphic element – Use a graphic that ties back to your branding and advertising. You want people to readily recognize your company as they drive or walk by.

4. Size and interest – You want your sign to jump out at people rather than blend in with the landscape. Be sure the sign is an appropriate size to be noticed. And make it interesting. Go bold! Grab the attention of drivers and pedestrians.

5. Finish – Make your sign glossy. A gloss finish gives your sign a professional appearance and helps it stand out from the crowd.

Over time, exposure to outdoor elements can make signs look old and tired. So, make sure you pay attention to the wear-and-tear of your signage. You want to convey to the public that you are a vibrant and thriving company.

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